Tried & Treasured EP (CD) – Barry Jay Hughes


“Tried & Treasured”

The 5 track EP explores more of the mystical folk sound with a rock edge – that authentic Barry Jay Hughes sound that he has created over the years.


One Petal Down
Crying Shame
Full Circle (original version)
Medieval City
Ballad of a Troubadour

Bonus Tracks:
Medieval City (Live)
The Way You Make Me Feel (Live)

“Tried & Treasured” – A collection of songs with a much different sound and vibe than what came before. This 5 track release explains the journey so far. Listen out for elements of classical, Irish traditional, rock and jazz music across all 5 tracks.

Did you know? You only get the 2 bonus Live tracks when you buy the physical copy of Tried & Treasured so pick up a copy today by clicking on the “Buy Now” button!

Features the popular single “One Petal Down” and a cover of the Michael Jackson classic “The Way You Make Me Feel”.

Recorded & Produced by Stephen Lovatt @ Little Wolf Records, Dublin.

Mastered by Fergal Davis

Artwork by Celia Richards

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Tried & Treasured EP (CD) – Barry Jay Hughes